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Pregnancy is an exciting 9 months ending with the arrival of a new family member. Pregnancy is also when many women fear the dozens of extra pounds gained through each trimester. Weight gain is enevitable, the hard part is being able to shed those pounds after the baby has arrived.

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The key is healthy food consumption during pregnancy, begin by adding an additional 300 calories to your current healthy caloric consumption. Some women believe they must eat for two, this is not actually the case and often a major contributor to excessive weight gain. The goal is to consume good quality healthy food in moderation. You will likely find yourself having several smaller meals throughout the day, rather than the traditional 3 square meals routine.

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However you decide to break up your daily food intake the ultimate goal is portionality with eight to ten servings of whole grains, at least four servings of vegetables, three servings of fruit, four servings of dairy product and finally three servings of lean protein. The protein is very important to the healthy growth of your child. If you are a vegetarian remember to aquire your protein from one of the many other non-meat sources. Fastfood is not ideal and should be avoided if at all possible, also avoid caffeine and artificial sweetners. Alcohol and smoking are not recommended during pregnancy ( believe it or not - some people are unaware and countinue to consume alcohol during pregnancy ).

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Prenatal vitamins are an important part of your pregnancy diet, this will insure you are getting sufficient folic acid. Water is also a very important part of your daily intake. Proper hydration supports the amniotic fluid requirements for baby. Try to drink approximately a Gallon (4 litres) of water per day to insure proper hydration.

Please remember when we speak of a "Pregnancy Diet" we are referring to the safe healthy ingestion of food for nourishment through out the pregnancy. We are not suggesting an acutal diet in the traditional sense. Many different pregnancy diets can be found on the internet, some may be dangerous and cause you or your baby harm. We suggest due diligence when selecting a product to assist you in your weight management goals throughout the pregnancy.

We have created a list of some of the most popular Pregnancy Diet Plans currently found and available on the internet. Please remember to do your research before starting any of these programs.





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